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1. The environmental ventilation and heat dissipation are not good. There are three main situations of environmental impact and heat dissipation around screw air compressor: one is too close to wall obstacles; the other is that there are other heat sources near the left of the air compressor; the third is that the front door and side door of the compressor are open when running, and the fan can not form strong air flow.
2. Radiator infarction. When the air compressor is surrounded by more dust, long-term operation will form a layer of dust or sludge adhering to the radiator surface, and its internal copper pipe is prone to be obstructed by the accumulation of oil scale, thus affecting the heat dissipation effect.
3. The oil filter is too dirty. The machine has three side-by-side oil filters. When it is too dirty, the resistance oil can not enter the compressor according to the normal flow rate. The compressor is heated rapidly because of the lack of cooling and lubricating oil. When the oil pressure difference between inlet and outlet exceeds 0.18 MPa, the filter element needs to be changed.
4. Cooling oil level is too low. When the oil level is lower than the lower end of the inspection tube, the refrigeratory should stop replenishing immediately.
5. Low oil label or poor oil quality. The screw air compressor oil is used in this machine. When other low-grade or inferior oils are used, the return viscosity and specific heat can not reach the standard, and the temperature is too high.
6. Fracture or relaxation of fan tape. When the tape breaks, it will stop automatically when it runs for about 5 minutes because of excessive temperature. If the tape is too loose, it will slip, which will reduce the speed of the fan, thus affecting the heat dissipation. At this time, the tightness of the fan tape should be changed or adjusted.

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