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A kind of structure of air compressor reducer is worm wheel and bevel gear reducer. Its characteristic is that it can get larger transmission ratio, work smoothly and have less noise when the outer dimension is small.
Because of its lower worm structure, the lubrication and cooling conditions of meshing parts are better, and the lubrication of worm bearings is convenient.
Air compressor reducer
2. Appeal for Assembly Technology of Air Compressor Reducer
After assembling the air compressor reducer, the following appeals shall be reached:
(1) Parts and components must be installed correctly in regular positions, and parts such as gaskets and bushings with irregular patterns shall not be installed. But strong, Fan Moqi Sumo made it really rare.
2. Fixed connectors must ensure that parts or components are firmly joined together.
3. The rotating mechanism must rotate flexibly. The bearing clearance is suitable and the lubrication is good. The lubricating oil must not leak.
4. There is a correct relative position between the axes.
5).齿轮副、圆锥齿轮副的啮合必需契合技术恳求。针零到我和目南首由装配的主要工作是: 零件的清洗,整形和补充
5. The meshing of gear pair and bevel gear pair must meet the technical requirements. The main work of assembly from needle Zero to my target is cleaning, shaping and supplementing parts.
3. The assembly process of air compressor reducer, parts pre-assembly, assembly, assembly, adjustment and so on.
(1) Cleaning, shaping and supplementary processing of parts
1. The cleaning of parts is mainly to remove rust-proof oil, dust, chips and other contaminants on the surface of parts.
2. The shaping of the parts is mainly the dislocation of the casting parts such as the file, the box cover, the door and the bearing cover, which are separated from the shape of the parts. At the same time, the sharp angles, burrs and the marks caused by the collision of the parts are repaired. This work is often neglected and affects the appearance quality of assembly.
3. Some parts of the parts need to stop supplementary processing during assembly, such as stopping drilling and tapping threads for connecting holes between box body and box cover, bearing cover and box body, etc.
(2) Pre-assembly of parts. Some matching parts should be tried-assembled before they are disassembled. Sometimes the work of scraping and repairing files has to be stopped.
(3) Assembly analysis of components
Worm shaft, worm wheel shaft, bevel gear shaft and their related parts on the shaft, although they are independent of three parts, but from the point of view of assembly, except bevel gear components, the other two shafts and all parts on the shaft, can not stop assembly alone.
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