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  As a kind of detection device, sensors are needed in most instruments: Chang'e 4, which goes to the moon, and a mobile phone, which is almost indispensable in life. Of course, in many industry machinery, sensors also occupy a place, including air compressors, which are well known in our industry, also need sensors.
  So, what role does the sensor play in the air compressor?
  In the course of working, the compressor actually assumes the responsibility of raising the pressure and raising the suction pressure state to the exhaust pressure state. Compression ratio is a technical expression of pressure difference, which means that the absolute pressure on the high side is divided by the absolute pressure on the low side. The absolute pressure must be used to calculate the compression ratio. In order to avoid negative compression ratio, absolute pressure, not gauge pressure, must be used to calculate pressure ratio. Only when absolute pressure is used can the compression ratio be positive, which makes sense.
  Next, we have a detailed understanding of the pressure sensor in the industrial air compressor application.
  In general, the pressure in industrial air compressors ranges from 2 HP to 10 000 hp. Air compressor is mainly used in pneumatic control, execution, injection equipment, pneumatic tools, air emission operation and other applications. Common air compressors generally work at 125 psi (about 8.6 atmospheric pressure), and the gas flow rate is 1 CFM to 15 000 CFM. When air containing impurities or pollutants passes through the compressor, it will greatly reduce the working efficiency of the air compressor and its service life. To this end, manufacturers usually install separation/filtration equipment to remove stolen goods, water and oil in the air. With the increase of pollutants adsorbed by filtration equipment, the pressure drop of filtered gas will increase. Therefore, pressure sensor is needed to monitor the pressure drop of gas. When the pressure drop of the gas reaches 10psi, the pressure sensor can trigger the alarm system in the circuit to notify the operator to clean up or replace the filter equipment in time. Because the pressure drop of the gas is affected by many factors, such as the use environment, the length of time the filter is used, the amount of air filtered and so on.
  A large range of pressure sensors can be used in industrial air compressors, and can be connected to almost any microcontroller. The communication protocol is simple, and there is no need to program the internal registers in the equipment. Gel protection and diamagnetic stainless steel cap protect the pressure chip. It can be widely used in smartphones, tablets, personal navigation devices, tire pressure gauges.
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