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  Industrial waste heat recovery has a wide range of uses, technology and equipment, but there are also some suitable conditions, according to different types of enterprise residual heat, temperature, heat, combined with production conditions, process flow, internal and external energy demand, choose appropriate use of waste heat, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency. For example, the technology of waste heat gradient utilization, from the thermodynamic point of view, energy will be lost after many times of use, therefore, the ultimate use will appear inefficient, but when the cold and heat load conditions exist, the utilization of waste heat gradient is very necessary.
  Waste heat recovery and utilization is the process of recycling, including heat energy gaseous (such as high temperature flue gas), liquid (such as cooling water) and solid (such as various high temperature steel products) in the industrial production process emissions higher than the environmental temperature, and use it. According to statistics, about 50% of China's industrial energy consumption is not used, but waste heat directly in various forms, the recovery rate is as high as 60%. The average recovery rate of waste heat resources in China is only about 30%, which lags behind the international advanced level by 10 to 20 percentage points.
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  There are many ways to recover waste heat. Comprehensive utilization of waste heat has the best effect; secondly, direct utilization; the third is indirect utilization (steam power generation). At the same time, different quality and process requirements of energy are also different. In this case, enterprises should make energy consumption analysis and energy system evaluation in advance according to local conditions. In practice, some enterprises have not carefully analyzed these principles, and it is difficult to achieve good results. For example, some enterprises do not recycle high-temperature coke waste heat, but use low-temperature and low-pressure waste heat; some enterprises use coal gangue to generate electricity, while high-quality coal has not yet been mined. High-quality energy is not fully utilized, so we are pursuing low-quality heat utilization, and low-quality heat utilization is inefficient.
  At present, in the high energy-consuming industry, the space of waste heat power generation in the newly built assembly line is limited, and the whole industry is facing the problem of excess capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the corresponding waste heat utilization. High-energy-consuming enterprises need to change from policy-oriented to self-oriented, improve economic efficiency, and select appropriate ways of waste heat recovery and utilization. The above is the related content that Jinan Air Compressor Factory sorted out for you. For more information, please visit our website: .

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