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  Natural air itself contains some solid particles and water. When the gas is directly used without purifying the pneumatic circuit, it will bring some faults to the pneumatic circuit, damage the pneumatic components, reduce the service life of the components, reduce production efficiency and even cause accidents. Therefore, we would like to remind you that purifying these compressed gases to obtain pure compressed gases is an important part of the air pressure system.
  The compressed air dehydrator cools the air in the pipeline and begins to condense, allowing liquid water to flow along the pipeline. Once entering the air drying filter/filter, a series of phenomena will occur. First, the condensation effect, the condenser or the first filter element (stainless steel mesh) changes the direction of water and air. This change causes droplets to bind to each other and then accumulate in the condensate. Droplets become larger and combine with other larger pollutants to flow into the central area of the reservoir under gravity.
  Water containing sewage flows along the bottom and is discharged by an automatic drain valve in the drainage tank; a large amount of water (estimated at 95%) is discharged through this process. The filtering process passes through the cotton fiber mesh of the second filter element. To change the direction of air flow and the rotating air flow around the cotton fiber rope, the cotton fiber rope is formed by stainless steel mesh, which accelerates the air tens of times. The vortex, like a tornado, becomes a vacuum state. The dry air filter is not the first filter to remove water droplets from the air compressor and gasify them into gases without adverse effects. Oil droplets with small impurities are removed.
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