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  Usually, the air compressor safety valve for large-scale cleaning, preferably a month from the whole safety valve connection, some oil or dust impurities will be cleaned, the key is the corresponding cleaning in the safety washer, so it can effectively extend its service life.
  Jinan air compressor
  In the daily use of safety valves, it is important to avoid placing heavy objects on safety valves as far as possible, and to avoid placing places containing chemicals on safety valves that are subcooled, overheated or overwet. Safety valves work longer at room temperature and pressure.
  Jinan air compressor
  In the use of air compressor safety valve for a period of time, you can pay attention to the frequently used corresponding interface safety valve before dropping a few drops of lubricant, which can effectively eliminate excessive wear and tear, so that the service life of the safety valve is greatly improved. In short, do a good job in daily maintenance of air compressor safety valve, which is also a way to save the cost of unit use.
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