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  The direct effect of insufficient lubrication is to increase wear. Oil shortage will certainly lead to oil shortage, but oil shortage is not necessarily oil shortage. The lubricant cannot reach the bearing surface. Although the lubricant has reached the bearing surface, its viscosity is too small to form a thick enough film. The oil has reached the bearing surface, but it is damaged by overheating and cannot be lubricated.
  The blockage of oil supply pipeline and the failure of oil pump will affect the transportation of lubricating oil, and the lubricating oil can not reach the friction surface far from the oil pump. The oil supply pipeline is normal, but excessive bearing wear and clearance will cause oil leakage and low oil pressure, which will prevent the lubricant from leaving the pump from the friction surface, resulting in wear and scratch.
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  Reflux fluid is a common system problem. One of the hazards of reflux fluid is the dilution of lubricating oil. When the diluted lubricant reaches the friction surface, its viscosity is low and it can not form a thick enough protective film, which will cause wear and tear over time. When the reflux fluid volume is large, the lubricating oil will be very thin, not only can not play a lubricating role, but also will dissolve the corrosion of the original oil film, resulting in the corrosion of refrigerants.
  For various reasons, the temperature of the friction surface without lubricating oil will rise rapidly, and the lubricating oil will begin to decompose after a certain temperature. This is a vicious circle that can lead to a variety of failures, including severe wear, scratches and high temperatures.
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