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  Compressed air generated by general air compressors, due to inhalation of particulate matter, water, oil and other pollutants in the atmosphere, need to be treated: drying or purification to meet the actual needs. It is widely used in machinery, electronics, chemical fiber, biomedicine, food, steel, petrochemical, new energy and other industries, that is to say, as long as the production process needs to withstand the pressure of gas, it needs air compressor.
  When it comes to compression, there must be a seal. So, what is the seal type of air compressor?
  Rubber oil seal is widely used in air compressor. When installing oil seal, pay attention to the direction of lip. The sealing function of oil seal lip is one-way, only one-way sealing. If installed backwards, it will lose its function and cause leakage. Generally speaking, the lip should be installed towards the inside (oil side) and the outside side has the trademark side, so that the working pressure in the medium can compress the lip on the spindle and play a sealing role.
  Copper lint asbestos structure is installed between cylinder head and cylinder body of air compressor to seal combustion chamber to prevent water and air leakage. Generally speaking, when casting iron cylinder head and cylinder block materials, cylinder gasket flanging should be more deformed and easy to repair the cylinder head, smooth face to the cylinder block, so as to protect the aircraft on the cylinder block from blowing and prevent the cylinder gasket from burning because of scratches.
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