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In order to avoid accidents, we must study the corresponding countermeasures. After analysis and research, the following analysis is made.
1. The problem of equipment material
During the operation, we found a crack in the chassis of the chassis, and a crack appeared on the standby equipment 5#. It was very obvious that it was considered to be caused by the vibration of equipment during the long run.
2. The balance iron pin is not firm
The two accident found the problem of the loosening of the balance iron pin, which leads to the deviation of the center of gravity of the balance iron in the process of operation. Under the action of inertia, the sloshing appears, and the final break pin makes the balance iron drop out and cause the accident. Therefore, the use of the pin has become the key to the safety of the equipment.
3, the pressure is too high
In the first accident analysis, we found that there was a sudden rise curve in the original record half an hour before the accident.
This may be an important cause of the accident. When the pressure of the equipment rises suddenly, after the pressure is exceeded, the transmission parts of the mechanical equipment are subjected to the usual force, which leads to the loosening of the fasteners of each component, the deviation of the connecting parts, and the occurrence of the accident.
4. The problem of installation and maintenance
When the equipment is in large and medium repair, the parts of the chassis should be disassembled and disassembled. Because of the problems of the installation and maintenance personnel's skills and components tightened, the parts are loosened and the equipment accident of the chassis is caused.
5. Operation problems
During the operation of air compressor, due to the use of unbalanced users, especially when a number of large users are in use, the compressor is suddenly opened, making the pressure of the compressed air system down, or suddenly stopping, so that the pressure of the compressed air system suddenly rises suddenly, especially when it is raised, exceeding the limit set, and sometimes the operator is not in time. Improper adjustment or adjustment will result in vulnerable equipment.
6. Complex equipment parts
Various parts of the piston compressor have hundreds of parts, many components, complex structure, especially the transmission parts, which brings difficulties to operation and maintenance.
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