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The pulse bag dust collector uses high voltage electricity to produce the electrostatic force and the resistance of the bag itself. The dust particles in the flue gas are adsorbed to the inside of the cloth bag, and then the vibration force produced when the folds of the cloth bags are unfolded, the collected dust particles are dropped to the hopper through the gravity action, so the dust is removed. It is commonly said that the screw air compressor provides a reverse blow air source for the bag filter and realizes the pulse and blow back function of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
空气压缩机提供的压缩空气能帮助布袋除尘器完成青灰,一般要求需要6公斤以上的压力,无水无油!管道内的灰尘主要是由于沉降产生的,可能是由于管道设计不合理,设计风速过低导致!当然也可能是进入了本不该进入的异物!根据单位时间内的耗气量及清灰压力要求确定。如确定了脉冲阀的耗气量及清灰最小间隔时间这两个值就好办。 一般来说,脉冲布袋除尘器配套www.878365.com的耗气量=单次清灰耗气量*单位时间内清灰次数。压力一般选择为0.8兆帕即可。
Compressed air provided by air compressors can help bag dust collector finish the ash. Generally, it requires more than 6 kilograms of pressure, no water and no oil. The dust in the pipeline is mainly caused by settlement. It may be due to the unreasonable design of the pipeline and the low wind speed. Of course, it may also be a foreign object that should not have entered. According to the consumption of gas in unit time and the requirement of cleaning pressure. If you determine the pulse valve consumption and ash minimum interval two values will be easy to handle. Generally speaking, the air consumption of the pulsator bag filter is equal to the air consumption per unit. The pressure is generally chosen as 0.8 MPa.

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