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A vacuum generator is a new, efficient, clean, economical, small vacuum component that produces negative pressure from a positive pressure gas source, which makes it easy to get negative pressure in a place where the air is compressed or in a pneumatic system that requires both positive and negative pressure. Vacuum generators are widely used in industrial automation such as machinery, electronics, packaging, printing, plastics and robotics. The traditional use of vacuum generator is suction cup matching, the adsorption of various materials, handling, especially suitable for adsorbing fragile, soft, thin non iron, non-metallic materials or spherical objects.
In such applications, a common feature is the small amount of gas required, the low vacuum requirement and intermittent work. The sucking mechanism of vacuum generator and the analysis of the factors affecting its performance are of great importance to the design and selection of positive and negative pressure roads. The vacuum generator is quick and easy to select.
Vacuum generator is a new, efficient, clean, economical and small vacuum component using positive pressure gas source to generate negative pressure. As long as an air compressor provides compressed air access, it can generate vacuum. The vacuum generator itself can produce a vacuum.
Many people confuse the vacuum generator with the vacuum pump. The vacuum generation principle of the vacuum generator is different from that of the traditional vacuum pump. It allows compressed air to form high speed air in the pump, and it is known that the higher the velocity of the gas, the lower the local gas pressure (from the Bernoulli equation), and thus the stronger the pumping capacity. The vacuum generator is made from this principle.
正因为如此,在同等真空抽气量的情况下,真空发生器体积小,基本不用维护,真正的无油,是一种既可靠效率又高的真空泵。 真空发生器分单级真空发生器和多级真空发生器两类,在消耗相同压缩空气的条件下,多级真空发生器在标准大气下的真空抽气量一般是单级真空发生器的好几倍,因此,多级真空发生器是真正高效率的真空泵。 真空发生器的使用环境要求很简单,只要有压缩空气源,就可以使用真空发生器。中国绝大部分工厂都有压缩空气源,完全有条件使用真空发生器。
Because of this, under the same vacuum pumping capacity, the vacuum generator is small in volume, not to be maintained basically, the real oil free, is a kind of both reliable and efficient vacuum pump. The vacuum generator is divided into two types: single stage vacuum generator and multistage vacuum generator. Under the condition of the same compressed air, the vacuum pumping of multistage vacuum generator is usually several times as many times as the single stage vacuum generator in the standard atmosphere. Therefore, the multistage vacuum generator is a real high efficiency vacuum pump. The vacuum generator has very simple use environment, so long as there is compressed air source, vacuum generator can be used. Most factories in China have compressed air sources and are fully conditioned to use vacuum generators.
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