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When we use it, we need to deal with the impurities in compressed air before it can be used in production. The compressed air produced by the air compressor generally contains solid impurities and moisture, so the air compressor is a complete set of systems. Compressed air treatment is to filter the particulate impurities, oil and liquid impurities through a filter, which is the preliminary treatment of compressed air process. The bottom of the ordinary filter element is impassable, and the impurities are usually gathered inside the filter element. Through the filter element to the bottom of the filter, and then through the automatic drainer to remove impurities. But there are also some problems in this process, solid impurities can not be completely removed from the filter, will stick to the inner wall of the filter. This increases the operating resistance of compressed air, so that the water and oil content will be discharged with compressed air.
We need to have the post-processing equipment, because we can not completely remove the refrigerated dryer. Mainly to compressor cooling treatment, so that water-bearing compressor in a low-temperature state, part of the water is condensed into liquid, and then through automatic drainage to remove. However, the freezing type also has certain limitations, the temperature of the refrigerant can not be lower than 2 degrees Celsius, or there will be ice phenomenon leading to pipeline blockage. If you want to get very low dew point, you can only increase the power of the compressor. This will increase the cost.
We need adsorption drying treatment, mainly through adsorbent absorption, adsorption of water at high pressure, low pressure regeneration, so that the cycle back and forth, to get the dry air we want. Of course, there is no perfect, there will also be some drawbacks, adsorbent filling can not be completely precise, easy to lead to energy consumption, in this case, the replacement of adsorbents will be more difficult.

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