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If we ask you, is it after repair or preventive maintenance? Most people think that preventive maintenance is good. So, compared with the maintenance after the accident, it seems that few people seriously consider where the preventive maintenance is good.
Preventive maintenance has two specific modes, one is regular preventive maintenance, that is, according to the compressor equipment wear cycle schedule of downtime maintenance; the other is condition maintenance, is to monitor the status of equipment, find hidden troubles or potential failures, timely arrangements for timely maintenance, the failure will be eliminated in the bud state.
Another form of preventive maintenance is opportunistic maintenance. That is to use the production off-season, holidays, weekends or downstream downstream maintenance opportunities for preventive maintenance. Opportunity maintenance "opportunity" can be appropriate to extend the maintenance cycle, or it can be appropriate to shorten the maintenance cycle, after verification, this extension or shortening will not cause significant damage to the equipment. Such preventive maintenance is also known as opportunistic maintenance. No matter what preventive maintenance methods are adopted, they are all dealt with before the equipment breakdown, and the purpose is to avoid the breakdown.
What is the best place to prevent maintenance? Let's talk about it in detail.
1. can reduce and avoid unplanned downtime.
Nowadays, most enterprises organize production according to orders. Customers have strict requirements on delivery time. In lean production enterprises, punctuality and zero inventory become typical characteristics.  Compressor as a very important power source, once the equipment is shut down, it will inevitably affect a certain production process, the order will be affected, which will be a great harm to the efficiency and credibility of enterprises. It is of great significance to avoid large numbers of unplanned downtime and ensure punctual delivery through preventive maintenance.
2., it can reduce the chain damage of equipment and extend the life of equipment.
Equipment damage often starts from a part or a part, which affects other parts or parts, step by step, and eventually leads to major problems. Because compressors are often used as power sources, the qualitative change and damage of a part of the compressor will not only cause the failure of the compressed air system, but also pass through the compressed air pipeline to the compressed air application equipment, such as air filter damage caused by compressed air nozzle, pressure gauge corrosion, etc. It is a systematic Domino phenomenon. Preventive maintenance can reduce or avoid minor damage, or eliminate minor hidden dangers in time to avoid the impact of expansion, and ultimately lead to more serious failure damage.
3., reduce maintenance costs.
Of course, improper "preventive maintenance" will not only reduce costs, but also increase costs, which we call maintenance redundancy or overmaintenance. We mean that proper preventive maintenance can reduce maintenance costs. Generally speaking, the efficiency of planned work is 3 times to 4 times that of unplanned work. Preventive maintenance because of its planning, you can study the repair plan in advance, ready drawings, tools, hangers and other auxiliary facilities materials, ready for spare parts. Once disassembled and maintained, the maintenance work can be completed efficiently. On the contrary, if it is maintenance after the accident, people diagnose the cause in the rush of sudden shutdown, and then look for tools, spare parts, materials, the real maintenance needs half a day, and the preparation may be a day and a half to two days, the time efficiency is reduced significantly, the maintenance cost increases naturally, plus the maintenance after the accident may cause chain. Damage, loss of replacement will also increase, greater maintenance costs.
However, some non-standard agents, using their position advantages, deliberately increased the frequency of "preventive maintenance" and increased the maintenance cost burden of users.
4., we can reduce the risk of safety accidents.
Preventive maintenance can eliminate local, minor or initial defects of equipment, which can reduce the risk of safety accidents alone. Severe faults of some compressors could have been avoided, but because there is no chance of preventive maintenance, resulting in a higher degree of failure risk, eventually leading to greater consequences. While the machine is locked, the bearing is bent and the machine is destroyed.
5., we can avoid and reduce batch quality defects or scrap.
Many equipment will cause a lot of quality defects or scrap in the process of failure. Compressor exhaust oil content is not up to standard, it will cause food, electronic products scrap; exhaust pressure instability, it will cause textile scrap, although can be eliminated by gas storage tanks and other post-processing equipment, but in general increased the cost of production and risk of users... There are many such examples. Therefore, preventive maintenance can reduce or avoid mass quality deterioration or scrap during failure to some extent, and reduce the economic losses caused by failure-scrap.
6., it can make the work more proactive, more planned and predictable.
Opportunity maintenance in preventive maintenance can make the production plan, work schedule and resource allocation more reasonable, more planned and more active. Some factories carry out night shift maintenance, weekend maintenance, month-end maintenance, is to use the gap between the completion of production tasks to carry out opportunity maintenance. Many steel plants implement synchronous maintenance is also the use of upstream and downstream shutdown clearance opportunities for maintenance; beverage, refrigerators, refrigerators, air conditioning production enterprises summer production tasks tight, winter is light, can be preventive maintenance as far as possible in winter; cigarette industry in winter task tight, summer a little easier, you can have the opportunity to check The arrangement is in midsummer. When the maintenance task is tight, the maintenance gap can be adjusted appropriately in order to effectively utilize the maintenance manpower and facilities resources. In short, opportunistic preventive maintenance can make work plans more flexible.
7. reduce the risk of environmental damage.
Like reducing safety hazards, preventive maintenance can effectively reduce the risk of environmental damage. Equipment, especially those involving toxic gases, leaks from liquid equipment can cause environmental damage; noise from equipment can also pollute the environment. The internal water treatment and air purification equipment is directly related to the emission environment.
8. is conducive to energy conservation and consumption reduction.
Poor equipment often increases friction and energy consumption. Preventive maintenance can ensure the smooth and smooth operation of equipment and facilities, can effectively reduce energy consumption and maintain the energy-saving effect of equipment.
Some users purchase efficient energy-saving equipment, but after one or two years of operation, the reaction equipment is not energy-saving, in fact, unreasonable maintenance is a very important factor. After all, compressor as a large energy-consuming household, not only to buy more to use, so as to truly achieve the purpose of energy saving.

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