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Maintenance of three filters for compressors
1, replace the oil filter;
2, replace the air filter;
3, replace the oil and gas separator;
4, replace the air compressor lubricating oil;
Two, the specific operation methods (the following operations must be shut down and the power is not allowed to be carried out within the machine).
1. Replace air filters.
Remove the tail screw of the air filter cover, remove the tail of the cover, remove the locking screw of the air filter, remove the air filter, load the new filter, and install the filter and the cover in reverse steps.
2. Replace the oil filter.
Use a special tool to lock the bottom of the filter and turn it forward. Use a clean cloth strip to clean the bottom of the filter and coat it with a little oil.
3. Replace oil and gas separator.
The method is the same as replacing the oil filter.
4. Replace air compressor lubricating oil.
When the temperature of the oil is between 30 and 60 degrees, the viscosity will decrease and it will not be hot. So when changing the oil, if it is cold oil, start up for 2 to 3 minutes. When changing the oil, ensure that the unit is free from pressure. First dismantle the oil and gas separation barrel oil filler nut, and use the appropriate container to prepare the residual oil. Open the oil discharging valve under the barrel, and sometimes use the belt pulley on the head of the machine to discharge the oil stored in the nose.
When the oil is completely drained, close the drain valve. Inject new lubricating oil and use hand reverse head pulley to inject oil into pipes and heads. Oil injection volume is 2~3 cm after immersion in the oil level mirror (this is the experience value, the actual oil level should be observed when the engine is on and loaded). After oil injection, the oil injection nut is installed and locked, the inlet valve is removed, a small amount of lubricant is injected into the inlet of the engine head, and the oil volume is two-thirds of the submerged rotor, and the inlet valve is installed. Clean the surface of each component of the air compressor.
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