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The screw air compressor has formed a lot of impurities, such as grease scale, carbon deposition, sediment, rust, and even some of the coked lubricating oil in the long-term use process. Therefore, cleaning the screw air compressor has become an important part of maintaining the operation of the air compressor.
Therefore, how to clean has become a big problem. Some users are too lazy to clean. After a long time, the impurities in the screw air compressor gradually accumulate, which eventually leads to air compressor trouble.
Today, we share a quick cleaning method for screw air compressor head, which is simple and simple. But because there is a certain risk, therefore, in the process of cleaning, keep in mind the safety measures.
Method for cleaning screw head of air compressor
1, first screw air compressor for several minutes, and oil reaches normal temperature.
2. Closed screw air compressor, such as internal pressure diarrhea, open the oil cover, pour in cleaning agent, tighten the oil cover;
3, open the air compressor for 30 minutes, release the old oil and add new oil.
4. The temperature of the air compressor after cleaning will be reduced by at least 10 degrees.
If there are no related workers, please contact professional operators for operation.
High temperature solution for screw air compressor head
1. Check the oil level.
Start screw air compressor, load in the air compressor, check the oil level, 3 points 2 above the normal level, but do not increase too much. Too little lubricating oil of air compressor will lead to high temperature of air compressor head.
2. Check the air filter of screw air compressor.
Remove air filter from air compressor and check air filtration. If there is more dust, consider using a low pressure air gun to blow from inside. It can remove part of the dust. But please pay attention to pressure to prevent air filtration damage.
3, cooler
The blockage of the air-cooled radiator can also cause high temperatures. Because the air-cooled radiator uses heat transfer principle to dissipate heat. When the cooler is blocked, the heat transfer will drop. The lubricating oil can not reach the normal cooling effect, the oil temperature is high, and the air compressor temperature is high.
4. The fan
Is the fan working normally? The fan is an important part of the cooling system. The fan's exterior covering up the dust will also affect the heat dissipation of the fan. Fan trouble, fan speed is slow. All these conditions will cause high temperature of air compressor. Therefore, when the air compressor is maintained at any time, please check the fan.
The problem of high temperature of the screw compressor head can be dealt with from the above four aspects. Of course, there are other places that need to be viewed. Such as: oil filter. However, because the needs of other parts have certain skills and things, they will not be specified.
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