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There are gas storage tanks, gas pipelines, cylinders, fuselage and so on, which are prone to combustion and explosion.
Cause analysis: There is too much smooth oil supply in the cylinder, and the gas containing a lot of dust in the cylinder forms carbon deposit. Carbon deposit can make the piston ring stuck in the ring groove, resulting in the valve disc can not open and close normally, the cross section of the airflow passage is reduced, and the resistance is increased. Carbon deposits are exposed to gases containing a large amount of volatiles under certain conditions, resulting in explosion. The pressure exceeds the allowable value, which makes the stress of some components of air compressor exceed the fatigue limit and causes blasting. Serious corrosion of gas storage tank and gas pipeline leads to thinning of wall thickness and decrease of strength. Blasting occurs because of unacceptable pressure.
Air compressor
The leakage of the exhaust valve causes the high temperature and high pressure gas return cylinder to occur near the exhaust valve. When there is carbon deposit, it will cause explosion.
The condensed oil and water in the cooler and gas storage tank are not discharged cleanly in time. The resistance of the compressed gas pipeline and the end face of the passage is too large, which results in stains or sparks on the part and bursts.
After the overhaul and installation of the air compressor is completed, if it is not blown thoroughly, the pipes and valves between the gas soup and the gas storage tank will leave stains and impurities, which will also cause combustion and explosion.
Solution: Adhere to the smooth state of the machine. Choose the appropriate smoothing agent, control the amount of smoothing oil, so that the amount of smoothing oil in the cylinder is moderate. Often the quality of smooth oil is tested, and the quality of quinbo smooth oil is replaced regularly to improve the smoothness, so that the exhaust temperature does not exceed the standard rules. Regular removal of stains. High efficiency air filters are used to prevent foreign bodies from entering the pipeline network, remove the stains in the filters in time, and often drain the cooler, gas storage tank, oil-water separator, etc. to ensure the smooth and unimpeded system. In general, the gas flow rate in the pipeline from air compressor to final cooler should not be less than 10m/s-12m/s.
Strengthen the maintenance of pipeline network. Proper rust-proof measures should be taken to prevent corrosive substances from contaminating the gas storage tanks and gas pipelines. Often check the corrosion of pipeline network, found that serious corrosion, should be the first rust removal treatment, and then take the necessary anti-rust measures.
Perfect safety equipment. Improve and adjust safety devices such as safety valves, alarms and pressure regulators to ensure their reliable operation. In case of accidents, the operating parameters exceed the standard, they can take off, alarm or stop automatically.

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