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1. Compressed air with harmful substances, such as dust, oil, rust and moisture, enters the first-grade filter equipment of compressed air filter.
2. When the compressed air of the air compressor passes through a first-class cylindrical mesh filter core, the coalescence effect occurs. The larger particles will be adsorbed on the filter material, and the moisture will condense into larger droplets. 3. When entering the separation chamber, the compressed air speed slows down, which causes the particles to gather again and the water mist to condense again on a honeycomb-shaped water collector.
5. More than 95% of the water droplets, oil and large particles in the compressed air of the mountain air compressor have been filtered by one filter element, and the compressed air filtered by one grade has entered the second filter element.
6. When the compressed air of the Kaishan air compressor passes through the fibre filter made of special cotton, thousands of small vortices will occur. Together, the compressed air will be accelerated tens of times. The center of the vortices is like a tornado, forming a vacuum state. The water droplets that have not been filtered in the first stage of filtration are gasified, transformed and filtered again. Together, the particles as small as 5 microns are also second-class. Grade filters were completely eradicated.
7. Clean and dry compressed air without dust, rust, oil and water droplets can be obtained by two-stage filtration, which ensures the normal operation of pneumatic equipment and prolongs the service life of pneumatic equipment.
In fact, it only does not inject oil into the compressor chamber, but the bearings and other components of the compressor are required to be smooth, and the oil of the compressor can also reach the compressed air. Inhaled air is the same and is simply polluted (remember, the single uniform dust content is 20mg/m3), so purification is essential anyway. Especially when the compressed air temperature of oil-free compressor is higher than that of oil-smooth compressor, it will adhere to more wet dirt. In short, no matter whether oil-free compressor or or oil-smooth compressor is selected, the purification process with high efficiency is required.
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