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(1) Refrigerant shortage or excess, please fill the leak and vacuum, add enough refrigerant or release excess refrigerant.
(2) The capillary assembly (including filter) is blocked and the temperature of suction rises. Please replace the capillary assembly.
(3) The internal leakage of the four-way valve, which constitutes a misoperation, is renewed after admitting damage.
(4) The air compressor's own faults, such as short circuit, circuit break, encountering the shell to the ground, etc., should be replaced after checking and admitting.
(5) Protecting relay has its own faults. Please use the multimeter to check whether the contacts are on when the air compressor is not hot outside, and replace the new protector if not. When replacing 5528 and 5532 air compressors, check the starting capacitance and relay (if one of them is damaged, both must be replaced together).
(6) High voltage pressure, pressure relay action, please analyze the reasons, according to the situation to be cleaned.
(7) Condenser is not ventilated well or short-circuited. Clean the outside obstacles and condenser.
(8) The system is coagulated with non-condensate gases (e.g. air), so vacuum refilling is required.
The working current of air compressor is too large. Please find out the reason and clean it up.
The ambient temperature of outdoor units is too high. Please keep away from heat sources and avoid sunshine.
Air compressor jam or hold axle. The rubber hammer or hammer cushion can be used to knock on the shell of the oscillating air compressor, or the parallel capacitor can be used to discharge fluorine without load. Perhaps the air compressor can start work, but if it is ineffective, the air compressor should be replaced.

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