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As a source of power for traditional compressed air, the operation of air compressor rotor can not only achieve the design life for a long time, but also cause the deformation and abrasion of rotor parts caused by manual operation (mainly in the process of installation and maintenance). The more lethal point is that the operation of air compressor rotor can cause abrasion or abrasion. Many users do not know what improper operation they have done together to cause the rotor to suffer from such a fault. In this skill sharing, I will share with you several main causes of air compressor rotor fault. I hope you can read it patiently.
(1) The targets such as dust particles in smooth oil of air compressor suffered serious overspend, which resulted in scratch of rotor and aggravation of wear.
(2) The air filtration quality of the filtered air is not relevant or has not been replaced for a long time. As a result, the proportion of the compressed air mixture entering the system is too high, which, like the smooth oil mentioned above, will cause great harm to the rotor.
(3) Rotors and bearings are closely related. If the low temperature of exhaust gas aggravates the proportion of water in oil products, it is easy to cause irreversible damage in the long run without proper smoothness.
Energy-saving System of Euroenergy Air Compressor
(4) Problems caused by quality problems of other accessories. Different brands of parts quality problems will also have a distance, interestingly, a Drea Air Compressor company, has also set up two parts and air compressor departments.
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