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1. When the compressed air is cooled, it is necessary to blow off the oil-water mixture condensed in the cooler, the storage tank and the oil separator in time, at least once an hour.
2. Air compressor in operation, if the cooling water supply is not timely, it is necessary to stop immediately for cooling.
3. The water jacket of cylinder and cooler is advanced before starting the air compressor.
4. Before the cylinder water jacket has not been completely cooled, water must not be injected to prevent cracks in the cylinder wall.
5. Cooling water entering the water jacket should be put into a special filling tank with water pressure drop difference. A horizontal indicator is installed on the tank. When the water level falls below the limit, the signal equipment will work. Centrifugal pump can also be used to feed water. Do not use tap pipe directly, because it is difficult to see whether the water is coming in or not.
6、由气缸水套或冷却器水套排水,有必要用敞开的液流,以便检查一切冷却设备的不间断效果和测量排水温度。排水温度较进水温度不得高出20℃-30℃ 。
6. It is necessary to use open fluid flow to check the uninterrupted effect of all cooling equipment and measure the drainage temperature when draining by cylinder water jacket or cooler water jacket. Drainage temperature should not be higher than the intake temperature by 20-30 degrees Celsius.
7. In order to prevent explosion caused by overpressure, the pressure gauge and safety valve that are qualified should be installed on the equipment of the compressor.
8. When it is necessary to introduce the compressed air into the system with lower pressure, it is necessary to equip the decompressor.
9. It is necessary to take the following measures in order to prevent the tightener system from rupturing due to the ignition of gas explosive mixtures:
(1) The intake pipe shall be located in a position where impure gases, evaporates and dust shall not be mixed. The intake port of the intake pipe shall be protected from rain, snow and other sundries.
(2) The air must pass through the filter to remove the dust thoroughly.
(3) The air coming out of the cylinder must be reduced to about 25-30 C through a special water pipe cooler to prevent condensation water from accumulating in the conduit.
10. When inspecting and repairing, special attention should be paid to prevent scrubbing materials, wood blocks, etc. from falling into cylinders, air storage tanks and pipes, as such substances may ignite in compressed air.
11. When cleaning the cylinder wall, use fuel oil, not gasoline, and the scrubbed cloth should not be too impregnated with oil.
12. After washing, the cylinder head must be turned over to make the fuel evaporate completely.
13. When using compressed air, the direction of airflow must not be directed towards the staff.
14. It is necessary to clean the grease scale inside the connecting pipe of the air compressor carefully. According to the operation of the equipment, the cleaning period is generally 3-6 months.
15. Adding concave-convex liquid level alarm device in inflammable, explosive, corrosive and toxic tank area.

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