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CNC machine tool is the most important equipment in modern manufacturing industry and the basis of machinery industry. The wide application of CNC technology and CNC machine tools has brought revolutionary changes to the industrial structure, product types and grades, and production mode of machinery manufacturing industry.
CNC machine tools have the characteristics of high frequency commutation, wide range speed regulation, high processing accuracy and simplified machine structure. Compressed air as power source is mainly used in the following devices:
1. The movement of machine tool parts is mainly used for feeding motion transmission, such as the movement of spindle and worktable.
2. Auxiliary devices in NC machine tools. For example, fixed cycle, automatic tool change, clamping and loosening of worktable, opening and closing of automatic door, blowing, clamping of workpiece, automatic up and down of workpiece, moving and stacking, etc. It can shorten the assistant processing time, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and give full play to the efficient performance of NC equipment.
3. It can be used for automatic chip blowing, such as workpiece, exchange table, tool positioning surface, etc.
4. Maintain the balance of the moving parts, such as the balance of gravity of the spindle box, the balance device of the manipulator and the tool library, etc.
5. In the detection function, such as the confirmation of workpiece position, the confirmation of tool defect and so on.
Because the working environment of machine tools is generally complex and harsh, especially in the atmosphere of coolant splashing, if improper pneumatic components are used, abnormal phenomena will often occur, while CNC machine tools are usually dry processing equipment which integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and so on. There are close links among the parts of machine tools, and any part of them fails. It will affect the normal work of other parts. There are thousands of components in large-scale CNC machine tools. The difficulty of fault inspection and maintenance has always been one of the most difficult problems. Therefore, when choosing air compressors for CNC machine tools, reliable and practical brands and products must be selected.
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