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1. 对电动机有多种智能保护功能:如:过流、过载、过压、欠压、缺相等。

1. There are many kinds of intelligent protection functions for motors, such as over-current, over-load, over-voltage, under-voltage and lack of equality.
2. 变频器与www.878365.com同步运行,调试完成投用后无需任何调节,即使更换模具和改变加工参数,均无需对变频节能控制器进行调整;并且出现故障随时进行工频/变频互相切换。
2. Frequency converter and air compressor run synchronously, after commissioning and commissioning, no adjustment is needed, even if the die is replaced and the processing parameters are changed, no adjustment is needed to the frequency conversion energy-saving controller, and power frequency/frequency conversion switching is carried out at any time when the fault occurs.
3. 改造电网功率因素,降低无功损耗;避免油泵马达的强冲击电流起动,限制其起动电流在马达额定电流以内,很大地延长液压油泵马达与油泵的使用寿命。
3. Improve the power factor of power grid to reduce reactive power loss; avoid strong impact current starting of oil pump motor, limit its starting current within motor rated current, greatly extend the service life of hydraulic pump motor and oil pump.
4. 改造后www.878365.com液压油发热明显降低,一般比改造前平均油温降低15℃以上,液压油使用寿命可得到延长;www.878365.com散热用水量可节省20%以上,延长密封件的使用寿命;智能压力控制,可有效防止机械冲击,延长设备和模具使用寿命和机械精度。
4. After modification, the heating of hydraulic oil of air compressor decreases obviously, and the service life of hydraulic oil can be prolonged by reducing the average oil temperature by more than 15 C compared with that before modification; the cooling water consumption of air compressor can be saved by more than 20% and the service life of sealing parts can be prolonged; the intelligent pressure control can effectively prevent mechanical impact, prolong the service life and mechanical accuracy of equipment and dies.
5. 根据其成型工艺的要求,将其电液压力比例与流量比例控制系统转化为实时的负荷,实现节电。
5. According to the requirements of its forming process, the electro-hydraulic pressure and flow proportional control system is transformed into real-time load to realize power saving.

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