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    We will find that sometimes the compressed air discharges with water. Why? The following Jinan air compressor for you to analyze the reasons for this situation:
    (1) When the moisture in the gas is mixed with lubricating oil in the compression process, it will reduce the lubrication effect, increase the wear and tear of the machine parts, and cause bad sealing condition.
    (2) There is water in the air supply system. When the temperature is below 0 degrees, the water will freeze on the inner wall of the duct. What's more, sometimes it will even cause individual pipelines to freeze completely, which hinders the work.
    (3) Activated alumina is the adsorbent material used in the adsorptive dryer, and its filling is not compact. It will friction and collide with each other under the impact of strong compressed air, which will make the adsorbent void larger and larger. A large number of compressed air passing through the void has not been effectively treated, which will eventually lead to the failure of the dryer. This problem is manifested in the fact that there is a large amount of liquid in the dust removal filter. Body water phenomenon.
    (4) The air humidity changes greatly, the drainage frequency and drainage time of the timing drainage valves are not adjusted in time, which can make more and more water accumulated in the filters. These water accumulated can be brought into the compressed air again, resulting in secondary water accumulated.


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