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(1) Poor ventilation and heat dissipation in the environment. There are three main situations of environmental impact and heat dissipation around the air compressor: one is too close to wall obstacles; the other is that the air compressor is adjacent to other heat sources; the third is that the front door and side door are open when the air compressor is running, and the fan can not form strong air flow.
(2) The radiator is blocked. When there is more dust around the air compressor, a layer of dust or sludge adheres to the radiator surface for a long time, and the copper pipe inside the radiator is easy to be blocked by the accumulation of oil scale, which then affects the heat dissipation effect.
(3) The oil filter is too dirty. The machine has three side-by-side oil filters. When it is too dirty, the resistance oil can not enter the compressor according to the normal flow rate. When the compressor is too dirty, the temperature rises rapidly because of insufficient cooling and lubricating oil. When the oil pressure difference between inlet and outlet exceeds 0.18 MPa, the filter element needs to be replaced.
(4) Cooling oil level is too low. When the oil level is lower than the lower end of the inspection tube, it should be compensated immediately when the refrigerator is inspected.
(5) Low oil label or poor oil quality. The machine uses the special compressor oil of the manufacturer. When using other low-grade or residual oil, the back viscosity and specific heat can not reach the standard and the forming temperature is too high.
(6) Fracture or loosening of fan tape. When the tape breaks, the press will automatically stop working for about 5 minutes because of the high temperature. If the tape is too loose, it will slip, which will reduce the speed of the fan, and then affect the heat dissipation. At this time, the tightness of the tape should be replaced or adjusted.
(7) Failure of oil shutoff valve. There is an oil shut-off valve between the oil filter and the compressor. When the oil shut-off valve cannot be opened, the temperature of the compressor rises rapidly after starting because of no oil lubrication and cooling, and the compressor will stop automatically about 1 minute. When you remove the temperature plug at the exhaust end of the compressor main engine, it will be found that the plug is dry and oil-free, and there will be smoke coming out of the hole. Open the bottom overhaul hole of the air compressor, remove the oil break valve, and gently move the valve stem with your finger to see if it can be pushed forward and reset easily. If it is difficult to move or return, the oil shut-off valve needs to be further disintegrated. If there is greasy dirt in the stem or hole, fine sandpaper should be used to polish the stem until it can slide easily. If the tension spring is broken or foreign body cards can also affect the stem movement, it is necessary to replace the tension spring or clean the tension spring and the tension spring seat.
(8) Pressure-free air discharge from air compressors.
Causes of hair: 1. Air compressor pressure relief valve stuck. Deformation or fracture of valve plate; 2. Excessive carbon deposition at inlet and exhaust ports.
Defect judgment and cleaning methods: 1. Check the loose pressure valve assembly, clean and replace the failure parts; 2. Remove and inspect the cylinder head, check the valve piece, replace the deformed and broken valve piece; 3. Remove and inspect the cylinder head, tidy up the valve seat plate and valve piece.
(9) The phenomenon of insufficient air pressure: when the engine works and the air compressor inflates into the storage tank, the barometer indicates that the pressure can not reach the starting pressure value.

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